Kapela Distilling Company crossed an important milestone today!

We are proud to announce that today we received our 500 liter still manufactured by iStill from the Netherlands. Fully equipped iStill 500NG model arrived well prepared for shipping and was delivered ahead of schedule.

As we previously mentioned, last year we decided to buy a lab still made by iStill, the Mini 2 model, and take it for a test ride. The results were better than expected and we managed to create some astonishing spirits. The next step was obvious: the iStill 500 model ticked off all the boxes for us.

We are very excited to start working with our new revolutionary hybrid still which can perform any type of distillation run. Single distillation runs or multiple distillation runs. This unit can make any spirit due to its innovative packed column design. The 21 st Century technology, together with the compact design and insulation, cut running costs when compared to traditional copper stills by around 90%, gaining the user an amazing competitive advantage.

An organization that played an important role in the acquisition of iStill 500NG was FIPRO Foundation, part of the STEP RI Science and Technology Park, University of Rijeka. We would like to thank FIPRO for their help in our project activities. The funds FIPRO provided (part gift, part loan) went a long way to cover most of the cost of this piece of equipment. 

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